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Vitamin E (Vitamin E) is good. Penalty

Vitamin E (Vitamin E) is good. Penalty

One of the vitamins that are known to be the hero that helps protect the body is inevitable "Vitamin E" which from the interest in various benefits. Attracting many consumers People using vitamin E By forgetting to consider the necessity that should be received or the penalty that may occur when it has been received beyond the body's needs This article needs to educate consumers. In order to understand the need for more benefits and penalties for vitamin E

How important is vitamin E?

Vitamin E or Tocopherol is a vitamin that is well soluble in fat. Classified as one of the important vitamins that the body needs to receive The vitamin E helps prevent red blood cell rupture. Preventing blood clots and clogging of blood vessels Reduce the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the body that may lead to various diseases. And also has many other functions. It has a basic function, like a sponge that absorbs free radicals, which are important factors that cause cells or tissue to be destroyed. Or known as "Antioxidants"

Where can we get vitamin E?

Important foods that contain a lot of vitamin E include vegetables, fruits, especially those that grow new germs, seeds or grains, but find that oxygen and heat can destroy vitamin E. Including freezing for a long time Can cause vitamin E loss as well Therefore, consumption of fresh vegetables or fruits will help increase the amount of vitamin E that the body can receive. In addition, mother milk was also found. Especially postpartum breast milk (colostrum) is another source of vitamin E in very high amounts as well.

How to know When the body lacks vitamin E?

Normally there is no vitamin E deficiency due to malnutrition. But often found from abnormalities in fat absorption, such as liver function, pancreas and abnormal bowel Or have a genetic disease such as a disease with neurological disorders (strokes) with vitamin E deficiency (ataxia with vitamin E deficiency). In addition, vitamin E deficiency can be found in premature infants or underweight. 

Normal criteria People with cystic fibrosis, including those who lack enzymes Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) causes hemolysis. Which lack of vitamin E It takes a long time to start showing signs of damage to the nervous system appearing, such as loss of exposure and response to stimuli. Lose physical sense Weak muscle There are problems with eye retraction and difficult to balance, so in those who lack vitamin E should be corrected. To prevent the body from causing such damage

What will be When the body gets too much vitamin E?

Normally the body will receive a high dose of vitamin E. But may experience flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, blurred vision, fatigue, fatigue in some cases And may not experience bleeding in people with vitamin K deficiency And in those who receive estrogen, increases the risk of thrombosis. But in most cases, If received in the size of not more than 800 IU per day, will be safe for consumers without any abnormalities. The vitamin E in the form appears in the product used for skin care. May experience allergic skin contact (contact dermatitis) in some cases

What are the benefits of vitamin E currently used?

The first is the drug, in addition to the role of vitamin protecting the body. Vitamin E also plays a role in medicine. By medical Will be used to treat anemia in newborns due to broken red blood cells Used to treat malnutrition Used to treat leg muscle pain when walking And used for resistance to many other ailments

The second is cosmetics. Vitamin E is a vitamin that is used very much in cosmetics for the skin. By using it as a rancid substance Used as a moisturizing agent for the skin Used in sunscreen To help accelerate the activity of enzymes that help reduce sunburn of the skin And help heal the skin Which has some effect May need additional education

The third is food or dietary supplements. Vitamin E is used as an antioxidant in food. In addition, vitamin E can be used as a food supplement. Which is used to nourish the body Prevent disease And reduce the severity of various conditions With certain conditions still having to wait for further study results

Vitamin E is a vitamin that plays an important role in the elimination of free radicals that cause many diseases, which makes the research group interested and studies clinical research. And use in human In terms of beauty, it is considered as one of the most widely used vitamins in cosmetic products. Which consumers can easily access However, eating vitamin E should be under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist. For the benefit and safety of the consumers themselves

Advice on eating vitamin E

The recommended daily intake for adults is 8-10 IU.
60-70 percent of the recommended daily intake is excreted in the stool.
Supplements containing selenium 25 mcg. Vitamin E 200 IU will help increase the effectiveness of vitamin E as well.

The IU value specified in the vitamin E supplement label is the value of alpha-tocopherol. For other tocopherol and tocopherol, ethanol Can be considered as a value of 0 IU
Amount of IU on food supplement label Does not indicate that only vitamin E contains only alpha-tocopherol Or have other tocopherol and tocotonine included?
Dietary supplements, vitamin E, are available in both types of capsules, soluble tablets.
Supplements that extract alpha-tocopherol from nature Will have twice the efficiency of the synthetic model

Vitamin E provides food supplements. Will have a size from 100-1,500 IU. Those who do not like to eat oil Or those with skin problems caused by oiliness Recommended to be eaten in a dry, soluble form. Including those over the age of 40

The recommended dosage is 200-1,200 IU per day. At present, there are no symptoms of toxicity to the body if eaten a lot.

If you eat foods that are high in polyunsaturated fats The body may need more vitamin E.
Vitamin E in high doses Will enhance the function of anticoagulant drugs and reduce the absorption of vitamin K, a vitamin that helps blood clotting So if you are going to undergo surgery Should stop taking vitamin E 2 weeks before and after surgery.

Our body absorbs more than twice the amount of natural vitamin E from supplements extracted from nature. By looking at the label, it is found that natural vitamin E will be considered as d-alpha-tocopherol The synthesizer will write that dl-alpha-tocopherol

Eating Tokai Sai Ethanol It is very important to eat together with foods that contain oil or fat.
Intake of alpha-tocopherol in large quantities Will decrease the level of gamma tocopherol in the blood Which Gamma Tocopherol has the ability to neutralize free radicals that contain nitrogen (Anu Mulli with nitrogen is associated with diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, heart disease)

If you eat gamma tocopherol Will increase the levels of alpha and gamma tocopherol in the blood as well

Gamma-tocopherol is most effective in inhibiting cancer cell growth.
Inorganic iron Can destroy vitamin E Therefore should not be eaten together If taking iron or ferrous sulfate supplements Should take vitamin E before or after 8 hours
Ferrous gluconate Ferrous Peptone Ferrari set Ferrous Fuerte (Organic iron) will not destroy vitamin E

If drinking water containing chlorine, the body will need more vitamin E than usual.
For pregnant women, breastfeeding, or taking birth control pills, hormones supplement the body to need more vitamins than usual.

For women who enter the golden age Should eat more vitamin E than ever before If less than 40 years of age should be eaten in a dose of 400 IU per day, but if older than 40 years should eat 800 IU per day. If it is dry, it is very good.