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Health problems that should be known

Health problems that should be known

Soft drinks, popular refreshments that many people cannot resist But do you know that in addition to these high sugar drinks, they do not have the nutritional value and still provide large amounts of calories? Causing many types of research that discuss the relationship of over-drinking soft drinks to obesity Including diabetes, heart disease, and many other health problems

In an era when people began to pay attention to health Soft drinks that are believed to be the cause of obesity and other health problems are therefore adjusted to look less dangerous, such as the use of sweeteners instead of sugar or artificial sugar. Which will help reduce the number of calories that have been given less or without calories Including adding vitamins, minerals as one of the components But the use of sugar substitutes is actually safe? What do most researchers and experts think about ordinary soft drinks and soft drinks that use artificial sugars?

Soft drinks and health risks

Overweight and obesity It is known that the consumption of high-sugar beverages But giving nutrients and feeling full, low, like soft drinks, not healthy behavior, weight Which is not just a concern without evidence There are more than 30 researches and experiments conducted. It is found that soft drinks containing large amounts of sugar are associated with increased weight and the risk of obesity. Which, despite the inconclusive conclusion and needing additional studies to confirm But the information currently available is sufficient to warn that consumption of soft drinks containing high amounts of sugar does not affect health.

Many people may wonder if soft drinks that use different sweeteners instead of sugar will help reduce such risks or not. At present, the evidence is too vague to say that the use of sweeteners instead of sugar can be beneficial or bad about obesity or weight gain. And another concern is that the consumption of soft drinks without sugar may cause the drinker to choose to eat other foods in higher calorie intake than before. Risk of overweight and obesity that may follow

One survey of people aged 20 years and over indicated that overweight and obese people had a behavior of drinking soft drinks that use artificial sugars rather than those who weigh according to standards. And also revealed that obese and overweight patients who drink soft drinks that use artificial sugars choose to eat foods that are significantly higher in calories. Compared to obese and overweight patients who drink regular soft drinks containing sugar As a result, it is possible that people who drink soft drinks that use artificial sugar think that drinking non-calorie soft drinks makes them eat more calories than before. And often over-eating

Diabetes In addition to weight gain and obesity that may be asked for Various research data that many participants have pointed out that drinking high-sugar soft drinks may also lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes, which is considered a testimony to soft drinkers. Everyone should be aware of and limit drinking to reduce the risk of obesity, which results in high blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Fat accumulation around the waist Including increased levels of fat, cholesterol or triglycerides Risk of heart disease, diabetes and subsequent stroke

In addition, studies on soft drinks that use artificial sugars on the same side have found consistent results. Stating that the consumption of soft drinks that use artificial sugars every day may be associated with the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, but can not be confirmed. But how to prevent the risk of such diseases and other diseases that are likely to be achieved by reducing the number of soft drinks in both sugar and artificial sugar

Heart disease is another health problem that can occur from drinking soft drinks. The research found that consumption of soft drinks containing sugar on a regular basis is linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease. Also resulting in changes in fat levels of Inflammatory factors And the hormone leptin (Leptin), which is a fullness hormone that is not good for health as well. For soft drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar, This research does not find any association with coronary artery disease or any biological effects on the body.

While another study, which studies the association of artificial sugar soft drinks and the risk of vascular disease, including stroke in participants, the average age of 69 years, showed the opposite results, stating that Regularly drinking soft drinks that use artificial sugars daily results in the risk of myocardial infarction. Cerebrovascular disease And death from vascular diseases increased Even now, more research is needed to be able to summarize clearly. But for the safety of health Any type of soft drink, however, is the best protection method.

Osteoporosis is suspected that drinking soft drinks will result in reduced bone density or osteoporosis, as said or not. Some scientific studies have found that drinking soft drinks containing Phosphoric acid can be a risk factor for low blood calcium. (Hypocalcemia) because this acid will inhibit calcium absorption, causing bone loss.

Proof of this There is a small experiment that found that the association of soft drinks from 1 can daily up to the low blood calcium levels in postmenopausal women clearly. At the same time, there is a number of researches that do not find the relevance of soft drink drinking and the density of bone mass is reduced. Or some studies suggesting that drinking soft drinks may affect bone density only when drinking less milk or drinking soft drinks instead of milk

However, research in the following year revealed that drinking cola soft drinks is associated with the risk of rupture of the forearm. But this relationship was not found in other types of soft drinks and did not affect bone density. With the conflict of studies, there is no way to determine whether soft drinks affect bone density or not.

Tooth decay, high-sugar foods are vulnerable to dental health problems. Because the residual sugar becomes the food of the bacteria within the mouth Causing the capture of bacteria and sugar to eventually become limestone Not even drinks that are sweet and soft with high sugar But more shocking is that Even soft drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar can also cause tooth decay.

One study found that most soft drinks and energy drinks Both with sugar and using artificial sugars may cause loss of facial skin Because these drinks contain acidic ingredients that may have corrosive teeth to decay, so just without sugar alone would not mean that it is safe for dental health anymore.

The best way to buy these drinks Always read the label to make sure that no acid is added, especially citric acid and phosphoric acid. Including persevering with water after drinking or eating acidic food, then wait for 1 hour to brush your teeth as Because cleaning the mouth and teeth immediately may cause the enamel to fall off.

Dementia and stroke There is a danger of drinking non-sugar soft drinks or using sweeteners instead of sugar and the occurrence of stroke and dementia. Which is derived from one research that tracks the behavior of soft drinks of participants The results revealed that people who drink sugary soft drinks have a higher risk of such diseases than those who do not drink non-sugar soft drinks up to 3 times.

But such research is quite reliable The real risk rate was found only 81 people from 1,500 people who experienced dementia after 10 years and from only 97 people in 3,000 who had found a stroke in the brain. The numbers are considered too small to be accurately analyzed. In addition, the researchers have not yet identified the clear linkage of sweeteners instead of sugar from soft drinks and disease. Both types and there are other variables that are not analyzed such as life habits Including the number of soft drinks that are different in each person. However, this study is accepted and recognized by the American Heart Association.

Soft drinks with sugar and without sugar Which is more dangerous?

Soft drinks that contain various vitamins and minerals do not help to be healthier as advertised. For most people, there is no need to get more minerals or vitamins from soft drinks. Because the nutrients that entrepreneurs add to it are often not the nutrients that the body does not get enough from foods such as calcium, vitamin D, folate or potassium.

As for soft drinks that use sweeteners instead of sugar, it is less harmful to health than soft drinks with real sugar or not. At present, there is still a lot of ambiguity and cannot be concluded clearly. Because even soft drinks without sugar should help reduce the risk of obesity or diabetes But there is a little study that confirms this assumption. In addition, one study in 2008 found that people who drank soft drinks without sugar, only 1 can daily, had a higher risk of obesity. Including overweight and high blood sugar levels, All of these factors may eventually lead to diabetes.

Another experiment in 2012 divided obese adolescents into 2 groups. The first group to drink soft drinks with sugar as usual. The other group changed into soft drinks without sugar. Results after 1 year, even though the group that drinks soft drinks without sugar has a slight weight loss However, after 2 years, there was no significant difference in body weight between the two groups.

All research on soft drinks that do not contain sugar usually does not pay attention to other foods that non-sugar soft drinkers eat. Because drinking sugar-free soft drinks but eating healthy foods will give a different result from those who drink this type of soft drink and believe that they can eat more fried foods or high-fat foods. Due to drinking soft drinks that do not contain calories and sugar Which the latter group has the risk of obesity and other health problems

However, most experts agree that If compared, soft drinks with low calories or no calories are better than regular soft drinks containing sugar. If eating in the right amount Without using as an excuse to eat more high-calorie foods

In addition, non-sugar soft drinks may also be a good aid for those with sugar soft drinks and are trying to reduce drinking. But if it is good and safe for health, it is best to drink beverages that not only help quench thirst But also provide essential nutrients And without any additives such as water, juice, hundred percent Skim milk Or low-fat milk Because even soft drinks without sugar may be better in weight control But it is not yet possible to determine whether sweeteners instead of sugar are safe for the body or affect the occurrence of diabetes

Control drinking soft drinks for good health

With the fact that soft drinks, both with sugar or without sugar, are not good for health. For those who are addicted to soft drinks Overcoming cravings and thirst can be difficult. Here are some ways to effectively reduce soft drinks that can be followed gradually.

Gradually change from soft drinks with sugar to soft drinks without sugar. Of course, soft drinks that do not contain sugar are not the best choice. But there is less risk of obesity
Gradually reduce the amount of drinking By choosing other types of beverages to replace from those that had previously drunk soft drinks containing sugar or without canned sugar 1 day, which is the best and most natural drink is water. Or whether to choose to drink 100 percent fruit juice or 1 cup of low-fat milk per day is equally good for health
If you feel like having a very tasteless drink, try drinking soda mixed with a calorie-free flavoring agent.

When looking for caffeine Drinking tea or coffee with just a little sugar is a better choice.
All mineral drinks are better than soft drinks. Because there may be a calorie equivalent to soft drinks If this is an exercise that is not heavy Drinking just plain water is sufficient. But if buying this type of beverage, read the nutrition label, compare the number of calories and sugar before making a purchase.

For those who like to drink soft drinks Stopping drinking completely is hard to do. Experts suggest that there is no need to reach that stage. Just try to reduce drinking water to only 1-2 cans per week.

As for children aged 11 years, drinking soft drinks, which do not have any nutritional value, are not necessary for children of this age who are looking for a variety of nutrients for growth and development. Except in children with high mobility and very high energy consumption. In addition, soft drinks are also important to cause tooth decay. Parents should only allow children to drink occasionally.