Thursday, 14 March 2019

Cold drinks help cool the mind.

Cold drinks help cool the mind.

During this hot weather, say goodbye to hot drinks. Like hot coffee or Ovaltine Turned to cold drinks That sips and gives a refreshing feeling Relaxing and helping to extinguish a great amount Which today we have 3 formulas for cold drinks to leave each other, which can be done easily Also has a delightful flavor and has health benefits as well Then let's see what better formulas are there. And how to do

1. Jin Sling

Jin Sling, cool drink That combines lemon, ruby and gin together perfectly Giving a delicious taste Plus help to cool off and stimulate the body to be energetic as well Like the afternoon Who are feeling tired Fatigued almost without work. Jinling is considered a drink that will help you well.

the ingredients

¾ oz lemon juice
½ oz pomegranate syrup
Soda and small ice cubes
1 ½ oz
½ oz syrup
Cherry in syrup
Mint leaves
Slice lemon, thin glasses

1. Measure ice with a sling glass By putting about น้ำแข็ง ice of the glass, then pour the ice into the shaker

2. Bring all the prepared ingredients Put into the shaker By excluding soda, lemon, slice, cherry, and mint leaves

3. Shake the shaker with speed and force. To mix all ingredients together well And has a more intense flavor

4. When shaking until the last place Pour the ingredients in the shaker into the prepared sling. Then add soda water

5. Bring lemon slices Mint and cherry leaves Come to decorate it to look beautiful, drink more

6. Serve with the suction tube. Guaranteed cool, refreshing

2. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, a delicious drink With a sweet and sour taste from the combination between lemon Cherry and Ruby That can be guaranteed that if someone tasted it once, it will definitely be a must It is also the ultimate drink. That will help quench your thirst as well What are you waiting for? We started to make Shirley drinks. Temple and how to do it easily

the ingredients

1 lemon
1 ½ oz pomegranate nectar
Tube ice
The sweet scent of cherry juice 1-1 ½ teaspoon
Lemon soft drink
Lemon slice
Cherry in syrup

1. Bring ice tube Put in a glass that will be used to fill the drink

2. Put the pomegranate juice into the glass. Then add the soft soda to the lemon. To be at a level lower than the edge of the glass about 1 inch

3. Follow with the sweet smell of cherries. Squeeze a little lemon and mix gently.

4. Make-up to look more drinkable with cherries and lemon slices. This is just ready to serve delicious immediately.

3. Cocktail Green C.

Come to the last drink that we would like to recommend to you to try and drink once, that is the Green C. Cocktail. It gives a cool feeling and helps to cool off well. Ensure that if you try to drink, you will definitely be attracted. Plus, the way to do it is not difficult as well. Let's take a look at the steps of making Green C. cocktail.

the ingredients

1 oz lemon juice
Blue Green Nadine ½ oz
30 grams of kiwi
½ oz syrup
2 oz kiwi water
1 glass of ice
Mint leaves
Lemon slice

For how to make a cocktail, Green Sea is not difficult at all. By allowing you to bring all the ingredients prepared Put it in all blenders. Blend thoroughly and pour into the prepared glass. Decorate the face to look more drink with lemon, slice, glasses and mint leaves. This time, a delicious drink That is ready to serve in the hot weather

This hot weather is nothing better than drinking a cool drink. Therefore, try to get up and drink this drink yourself. To cool off and add freshness to yourself as well Guarantee that if you try to drink Must definitely like

Cold drink menu recipe To help support life

the ingredients

Fresh milk 120 ml.
1/3 cup chocolate chips
Sweetened condensed milk/syrup 50 ml.
3 tablespoons chocolate syrup
1 glass of ice (16 oz)
whipping cream
Chocolate sauce

Pour milk, chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk/syrup. Chocolate syrup and ice into the blender Smooth until smooth
Pour into a glass, squeeze the whipped cream. Topped with chocolate sauce served
PS. For those who like the intense aroma, coffee can put 1 oz of espresso coffee by reducing the amount of fresh milk.

Mocha Coffee Ice Cube

4 oz espresso coffee
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
Sweetened condensed milk/syrup
Warm milk
Caramel syrup


Distill 4 oz espresso coffee or 3-4 teaspoons of coffee powder (depending on preference) brewed with hot water.
Put the cocoa powder into the stirrer. May add syrup or sweetened condensed milk as you like. (Or if someone doesn't like sweet, don't put it in)
Pour in ice print Soak in the free space for 2-3 hours or overnight.
Remove the ice cubes from the coffee, scoop it into the glass.
Time served with warm milk And caramel syrup
 Pour milk into a coffee cup Pour the caramel syrup into the pot and drink.

Green Tea Macchiato

the ingredients

Green tea
Vanilla Syrup
Cold milk
ice cubes
Bubble milk, whipped cream, caramel sauce


Brew green tea, use 1-2 teaspoons of green tea powder, put filter bags soaked in hot water for 3-5 minutes, or brew Matcha powder with hot water
Pour the vanilla syrup into the glass. (If you don't like sweet, don't put too much)
Pour half a glass of fresh milk.
Put ice cubes down
Decrease the green tea.
Put the milk bubble on the top of the whipped cream. May be topped with caramel sauce


the ingredients

1 - 2 tablespoons cocoa powder (very little, depending on preference)
Hot water 75 ml.
1 tablespoon of sugar
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
(Part of sweetness, depending on the preference)
Fresh milk
Dice shredded dumplings


Cocoa powder and sugar in a glass, add hot water, stir, add another sweetened condensed milk (This part is quite intense). Set aside to cool.
Put ice in a glass of 3/4 cup. Pour the cocoa mixture into the glass.
 Gently pour the fresh milk into it.
Scoop the top of the glass (Can add more brown sugar) ready to serve

Latte green tea

the ingredients

Hand Green Tea Powder (or Matcha Green Tea) 2 teaspoons
Hot water
Cold milk 150 ml.
Vanilla Syrup or Syrup
Milk for making milk foam

Brew green tea

Bring fresh milk and vanilla syrup together in a glass. (May be hit like a milk bubble Will help to separate beautiful layers)
Scoop the ice into the glass Pour the milk into the glass 3/4 cup.
Pour the green tea into the glass almost full.
Topped with milk foam on top May add more caramel sauce

Mill Shake Ovaltine Volcano

the ingredients

1 box of fresh milk
Ovaltine powder
Sweetened condensed milk
Chocolate sauce
Think cat


Bring the milk to the freezer in the freezer.
Take a box of milk for 30 seconds. Use a knife to lay down the lid. Use wood to plug into milk cubes.
Use a spoon or fork to scrape the milk into a flake of ice.
Pour the chocolate sauce into the bottom of the glass. Scoop the milk into half a glass.
Add sweetened condensed milk, scoop the milk into the glass, add up all.
Pounding Orio enough Sprinkle on the part of the milk. Topped with chocolate sauce again
Scoop the Ovaltine powder down. Topped with sweetened condensed milk Decorated with a thinking cat, ready to serve

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothies

the ingredients

3-5 frozen strawberries
Strawberry juice concentrated (Ting Fong) 2-3 oz.
2-3 tablespoons syrup
2 oz water
1/2 cup strawberry yogurt / natural
Strawberry Sauce for Rad

Put the strawberry ice water, syrup, water into the blender until smooth.
Put the yogurt into the blender.
Scoop the yogurt into the glass Pour the strawberry into the blender.
Topped with strawberry sauce

Cocoa Oreo Blender

the ingredients

3 tablespoons cocoa powder
Hot water for the cocoa maker
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
1-2 glasses of ice
2 tablespoons fresh milk
Orio 4 pieces
Whipped cream for decoration
Cocoa powder for garnishing

Put cocoa powder in a glass, add hot water and sweetened condensed milk. Mix until well mixed. Taste as you like. Leave to cool.
Put ice into the blender. Pour the cocoa and fresh milk mixture into Blend, mix well until smooth. Put the Orio into a spinner and pour into the glass.
Squeeze the whipped cream Garnish with cocoa powder Composed with Orio

Fresh milk caramel

the ingredients

Dice shredded dumplings
Caramel syrup (use syrup instead)
Fresh milk
ice cream
Scoop the glass into the glass Pour the caramel syrup. Put the ice into 3/4 of the glass, pour the fresh milk into the ice Sprinkle with cereal until full of glass. Scoop the ice cream on top and serve.

Strawberry Strawberry Latte

the ingredients

Strawberry Syrup 50 ml.
Fresh milk 120 ml.
Espresso coffee 1 shot
1 glass of ice
16 oz glass

Pour the strawberry syrup into the glass. Scoop the ice until full
Pour fresh milk into the glass almost full
Gently pour espresso (Or instant coffee brewed with 30 ml of hot water) Place fresh strawberries on top.