Thursday, 14 March 2019

Blame for drinking tea that affects the body. Know!

Blame for drinking tea that affects the body. Know! 

True, drinking tea will make it healthy. But if drinking too much, it can cause a penalty By causing kidney stones 

Because of the research in the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine that drinking black tea is very cold May cause acute renal failure Because black tea contains a lot of oxalates If drinking black tea on a regular basis may cause such substances to accumulate and accumulate in the body that eventually leads to kidney stones Even if anyone had a history of gallstones, they should be careful.

Blame for drinking tea that affects the body. Know! Before health is broken
Not only There are also reports that indicate Experimental mice that drank green tea in the amount of 2,500 mg / 1 kg body weight by drinking for 5 consecutive days. In addition, liver poisoning occurs if drinking green tea while sick. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Drinking tea for a long time and drinking large amounts will cause the liver to be destroyed.

Moreover, People with frequent flatulence, pregnant women Patients with kidney disease and heart disease Should not drink tea strictly Because the tea will stimulate the heart beat faster than usual

Have insomnia

Many people drink tea. And often have insomnia during the night Which you might be wondering if it was caused by drinking tea? 

The answer is yes because tea has a lot of caffeine. It is therefore not as effective as coffee. Therefore, if you want to drink tea without disturbing your sleep, it is recommended that women avoid drinking in the evening and before bedtime. Or if at any time drinking tea often has insomnia, should refrain from drinking tea at that time so that the body can adjust itself naturally Insomnia will gradually disappear.

Drink green tea and constipation

Many people drink green tea and have constipation. The cause is derived from the tannins contained in green tea, which are substances that cause constipation And such substances also act to inhibit the absorption of many important nutrients 

Whether it is protein Iron and folic, therefore, to prevent constipation problems followed Suggest that you turn to drink green tea but only in the right amount. By drinking no more than 5 glasses a day, together with drinking a lot of water And eat foods that are high in fiber Will help adjust the digestive system to work more flexible

 Drink chilly cold tea? Risk of a stroke in the brain?

Make the person addicted to cold tea startled When sharing the same warning message that if drinking iced tea or eating ice regularly Will make blood vessels viscous, thicken the blood vessels in the brain, which is a cause of paralysis - paralysis Sounds scary, but is this sure?

Drink cold tea every day Dangerous to the stage of brain stenosis?

          About this issue The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has explained that actually drinking cold water Even iced tea Does not cause blood viscosity, blood thickens the blood vessels in the brain, as it is shared

 Because when cold water, ice, cold tea enters the body These foods will be adjusted quickly. To have the same temperature as the normal temperature of the body is about 37-38 degrees Celsius, so drinking cold water is not related to the blood thickening Or blood vessels in the brain stenosis until causing paralysis in any way

Do you drink cold tea? What is dangerous?

          Even though iced tea is not a form of paralysis, but people like to drink cold tea, don't be happy. Order to drink 2-3 glasses a day, because if you drink a lot, you can prepare for obesity. Or if thinking of drinking cold green tea, cold cocoa, cold coffee, cold milk, lemon tea, red water, lime soda, etc. 

instead of cold tea, the results are no different Because of these favorite drinks, add a little sugar Plus, Bangkaew also adds sweetened condensed milk. Did you know that each glass has high energy?