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Benefits / Penalty of fruit juice

Benefits / Penalty of fruit juice

Benefits of fruit juice

  Because the benefits of fruit and vegetable juice are numerous Including properties Of fruit and vegetable juice

The benefits are enriched with enzymes that have properties that help enhance the digestive system function, thus resulting in the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients more efficiently. This plant-based enzyme is very important for electrolytes, which helps the fluid to circulate throughout the body consistently, consistently and efficiently.

If each day You can drink 2 kinds of fruit juice. The body will receive many essential nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Which is useful in helping to detoxify Enhance immunity Helps prevent inflammation And create an environment that will help reduce the risk of tumors The juice also helps in cleaning, digesting and eliminating waste. In addition, the acids in plants, pectin, and enzymes also help to balance the acidity and alkalinity as well. When the body is sick Juices are easily digestible drinks. And helps strengthen the elderly Or someone who feels exhausted And help patients after surgery recover faster

Apple juice prevents cancer. The freshest apple juice is the most valuable, helping the body regain energy. And prevent cancer, help to concentrate The thing to be aware of is Must be an apple that is not waxed If unsure, peel the apple, even if its bark is useful.
Carrot juice nourishes the eyes and prevents cancer so that better absorption of vitamin A from carrots should be eaten with fatty foods as well. But should not drink too much carrot juice because it is harmful to health because vitamin A is stored in the liver

Tomato juice prevents prostate cancer and helps the skin younger. If you want to drink delicious tomato juice, add pepper and salt. In tomatoes, there is lycopene, which helps prevent cancer and prevents skin from premature aging. If it is a tomato that is cooked with heat, it will have more lycopene than raw tomatoes. The important thing is not to drink tomato juice that is cold.

Orange juice that helps to nourish the skin and authentic health hundred percent Rich in antioxidants Helps increase blood circulation in the body. And the rate of absorption of nutrients The highlight is the high vitamin C and flavonoids. Helps increase immunity and anti-germs

Pomegranate juice, if you want a good heart, must drink pomegranate juice Doctors, experts and nutritionists recommend drinking this fruit juice. Pomegranate juice alone provides almost all antioxidants. It is very useful for cancer prevention.

Blame of juice

 Drinking these smoothies or smoothies Maybe the reason Our enamel is thin and eventually causes tooth decay. Because in these smoothies Most often
Will mix syrup or sugar and also have high acid Than when we drank all the glasses, it took time to sip or drink for a long time Causing much damage to the enamel as well

  For the enamel layer Is the outermost component of the tooth Has the same function as the armor to protect the harm to the layers of the teeth And dental cavity tissue, Therefore, when the enamel is destroyed, there is a risk of tooth decay in the future. If there is no adequate cleaning of the oral cavity, the problem of tooth decay is related to many diseases such as heart disease, respiratory disease. And diabetes 

Therefore keeping clean by brushing teeth Or drinking water after eating fruit juice will help to maintain your teeth as well

Benefits of vegetable juices & fruit juices for health, a total of 64 types !!

Non-drug treatment Or called "Natural therapy" has become increasingly popular today, especially drinking fresh fruit and vegetables that have become an important part of the natural healing process. 

Whether for the treatment of minor illnesses Diseases that are difficult to treat Or chronic diseases Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is another option that is getting a lot of attention. Because it not only helps to make good health But also helps to refresh the body as well Due to the fruit and vegetable juices are rich in nutrients that are beneficial in maintaining health. And help treat various ailments

The method of making fruit and vegetable juice is to separate the water and waste. Which we call squeezing The benefits of squeezing are The residue in the fruit that cannot be digested will be separated. The only water that contains all the nutrients, therefore, is more concentrated than eating fresh in normal ways.

 For example, when we eat fresh carrots, our body absorbs only 1% of beta-carotene. The remaining 99 % Will be caught with fiber But if it is carrot juice squeezing Those fibers will be separated. So you get almost 100% of beta-carotene so you can be sure that juice and vegetable juices are drunk every day. Your body will receive full vitamins, minerals and enzymes.


Healthy fruit juice is a liquid that is in the tissues of natural fruits. The juice is obtained from squeezing fruit or spinning those fruits without using heat or solvents. 

Which many ready-made fruit juices are filtered out of fiber But the juice with meat is still a popular drink Which may be sold in an intensive form Which needs to add water to reduce concentration until it is in normal state The concentrated fruit juice usually has a distinct flavor from freshly squeezed juices.

Banana juice - Banana is a fruit that is rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, and potassium. Which are all minerals that are essential for muscle and nerve function Helps control blood pressure Add energy to the body quickly. Increase the strength of the body It also helps to prevent various ailments.

Kiwi-kiwi water is rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll, phytochemicals, and actinin That helps strengthen the immune system Makes the heart healthy And helps to lower blood pressure

Grapefruit juice - Sour juice that has Somboit to help burn fat and help reduce insulin levels, which are the body weight gain Drinking fresh grapefruit juice before every meal Will help reduce body weight more than 1.5 kg within 3 months without having to reduce food or diet at all

Guava - Guava juice has high vitamin C Helps to prevent scurvy Contains beta carotene that helps reduce toxins in the body Helps to lower blood lipid levels Helps prevent the capture of fat in the artery wall, which is the cause of vascular disease

 Therefore suitable for patients with arteriosclerosis It also helps to slow the progression of cancer cells. Make the wound heal faster Stimulate the activity of white blood cells Strengthen immunity And prevent colds as well